Thursday, June 17, 2010

Doomed Strawberry Charlotte....

This is a warning post. Unfortunately, today's recipe was just a disaster all around. Going through my mom's old recipe book over the weekend I was so excited to see a recipe for a low-fat Strawberry Charlotte! (Which is a French dessert, kind of like a jello surrounded by a layer of cookies and refrigerated for a few hours) Hmph.... This was just not a success.
First, the recipe calls for Lady Finger cookies- of which every store near my house was out of! So I did my googling thing and decided on Angel Food Cake as a suitable substitute- nope, it was much too soft and sticky and sweet to work with the charlotte sauce. Finally, the kicker was that the recipe didn't call for gelatin.... So it never came together. I feel a bit ashamed showing you a picture, but here it is. Hopefully tomorrow will be better! :-)

Happy Baking, tomorrow!

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