Wednesday, June 23, 2010

What a day... Or two?

Oh jeez! What an intense few days! I started work this week and I'm having a little trouble getting used to getting up early again! And I am definitely an early riser, even on the weekend I can hardly sleep in past 8:30! But getting up at 6:30 and needing to be fully functional is another story. ;-) Anyways, when I got home from work yesterday around 5 I was feeling all out of whack so I didn't get a chance to bake! BUT, I did manage to whip together a crust for today's Galette that I knew would need refrigeration time. So.... I didn't really cheat, right?
Anywho, I thought about this Galette all day and how I was going to adapt it to my own fruit choices. So, after debating between Alice Medrich's Rustic Plum Tart recipe and Smitten Kitchen's Nectarine Galette, I chose the galette because of the intriguing almond layer she included beneath the fruit.
So, here is my take on a Rustic Peach and Raspberry Galette, I hope you enjoy it!

Happy Baking!

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