Friday, June 25, 2010

Twist on a FANTASTIC bar :)

All week, I'd been truing to come up with a recipe to bring to work on Friday to share with my coworkers and somehow I was just not getting inspired. So frustrating, until I realized that it was because I was still stuck on the Apricot Oat Bars I made on Monday. They were exactly what I wanted to share with my team, but I simply couldn't justify making the exact same thing again- so on my drive home I brainstormed different fruits I could try. But, it wasn't until stepping into my friendly grocer's produce aisle that I knew I had to use blackberries. Those berries were staring me down from the moment I stepped in the store- so I picked up a little box of them and then grabbed a bottle of Smuckers Simply Fruit Blackberry Preserves, and I was good to go.
If you want a sweet little treat to share that's not actually TOO unhealthy, give these a try or choose a different fruit and let me know how it works out for you!

Happy Baking!

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