Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Plum-Almond Tart for a special someone :)

So, I cheated a little bit and made a recipe I came to know and love already. But hear me out, we had our good friend Piper over for dinner and I KNOW she loves plums, so what could I do? Hold out on her and keep this recipe all to myself? Come on, you know me better than that! ;-)
So, here, have some pictures.
But, I just discovered a new website that I definitely intend on becoming a regular for: http://foodporndaily.com/pictures/light-crisp-chewy-cardamom-macarons-with-tangy-lemon-buttercream/

Good god, don't they look a-MAZING?!
Yep, I thought so. :)

Happy Baking!

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