Wednesday, August 25, 2010

And yet another catch-up post...


I'm really starting to feel bad now. I have definitely been slacking. A lot. But, I have been baking everyday. I promise. My fingers aren't even crossed. See? I'm serious.

So here's the line-up. I've been cooking a LOT. Yep, cooking!

A Healthy Eggplant Parmesan
(adapted for 3 people from Eating Well, here)

This eggplant dish is delicious and maintains all the delicious crunch from "frying" and gooey cheesiness with a fraction of the fat! It tastes wonderful and showcases the fresh eggplant (from the Farmer's Market!) beautifully. Even my super-picky NON-vegetable eating brother gave it a try- and liked it!
A perfect side dish with roasted chicken and a salad. :)

(See? It's almost all gone!)

This is bread. Mmm yummy warm baguette bread!

This is how we eat bread at my house. Le Sandwich Parisien. :-)

Happy Baking!

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